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Special Education Compliance & Monitoring 

We provide Special Education Compliance & Monitoring school-based services to supports school administrators and teachers in providing effective educational programs for all students with disabilities; assumes responsibility for the knowledge and application of the appropriate curriculum and the instructional programs for students with disabilities; and complies with all federal, state, and district due process, policies, and procedures.  Our school-based work in this area includes:

  • Models and supports special education instructional staff in organizing, identifying, and implementing curriculum including Common Core Curriculum and the adapted curriculum.
  • Support quality classroom instruction and its improvement in all settings through monitoring, observing, model teaching and coaching; assists teachers in improving classroom management and climate through the implementation of effective instructional methods.
  • Review and ensure that students with disabilities are receiving effective instruction in the Least Restrictive Environment; assist school staff in organizing curriculum and utilizing strategies for students with disabilities.
  • Participate in professional learning activities and plan/deliver professional learning activities to staff, parents, and others to increase achievement for students with disabilities.
  • Collaborate with parents and local school staff regarding instructional decision-making for students with disabilities.
  • Complete educational assessments for students referred for testing/evaluation; monitor assessment timelines to ensure adherence to State regulations.
  • Maintain communication with special education staff, local school personnel, and parents regarding the referral, evaluation, identification, and effective programming for students with disabilities.
  • Maintain student confidentiality and monitor confidential files for students with disabilities.
  • Consult with local instructional staff regarding Individual Education Program (IEP) development, extended school year, behavioral interventions, and transition activities for special needs students.
  • Collaborate with appropriate school-based personnel to assure accurate documentation and timely data input/submission for students with disabilities.
  • Assign and/or conduct staff meetings to develop IEPs. Attend all appropriate IEP meetings (i.e. Amendments, Eligibility Redetermination, Initial Eligibility meetings).
  • Review, monitor and meet timelines for IEPs, referrals, initial eligibilities, and re-evaluations; monitor Full Time Equivalent (FTE) counts and the Student Record (SR) process during the school year.