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​​Atlanta Psychoeducational Consulting

Behavioral Support

We employ Behavior Specialists that develops behavior plans, specific intervention plans, and functional behavior assessments (FBA) for students and assist in their implementation. Including using appropriate resources and technology to promote development of critical thinking, problem solving, and pro-social behavior in students, working with students in classrooms to reach goals as determined by their educational plan, and conducting ongoing follow-up assessment/evaluation/observation of progress on the behavior plans. Our school-based work in this area includes:

  • Assist teachers in the identification and development of individualized behavior interventions intended to change behaviors; using evidence based strategies.
  • Collect data regarding student behaviors and recommend appropriate instructional modifications to develop responsible thinking and decision-making skills in students. Identify and implement appropriate interventions for students in need of additional assistance.
  • Develop the skills and self-esteem necessary for identified students to exercise meaningful options in areas of school, leisure, and inter/intra personal relationships.
  • Provide support to students who display impulsive behaviors, low self-esteem, and impaired social skills.
  • Work in a collaborative manner with peers and school personnel to ensure successful and efficient transitioning for students to return to his/her home school to include the creation of Transition Plans.
  • Present professional development for administrators and teachers on behavior intervention, substance abuse, anger management, as well as other topics and support the staff in the implementation of their new learning.
  • Assist families and school staff in accessing community resources.
  • Provide support and informational workshops to parents.
  • Conduct research of current behavior interventions related to students served.
  • Assure that all internal communication is complete and effective.
  • Keep teachers and other staff informed of progress, incidents and concerns.